Invited by Kaspar König to the Het Parcour in Maastrichts Central Underground Parking House to perform with a great group of artist from all around the world, I amplified a RC-car with a big guitar amplifier. Trough some effects the sound became deep and roaring while the car was cruising and spinning trough the huge parking deck.
Kaspar König is the curator for the saturday night 11th sept. Everything in and around the parking lot is arranged to get a sence and a connection with the context and the participants.
” i combine the inside and the outside of this cultural area by introducing my fellow artists from everywhere to institutions participating classicaly in het Parcours. We want to open up by presenting in another way our arts of now! Performing in a parking lot where every car leaving the parkingspace frees the area for cultural activities!
Just find your way to the underworld of Maastrichts absolute center!”

20.10 1e groep bezoekers mag garage in
20.10 Alan Purves
20.20 Sofia Mavagrani
20.35 Nora de Baan
20.45 Schmacke
20.55 Cyrille Flament en Vasiliki Tsagkari
21.10 Bunny Terrorista
21.20 2e groep bezoekers mag garage in
21.20 LSO Solisten
21.40 Nora de Baan
21.50 Huis van Bourgondie
22.00 Klaas Hübner
22.15 Cyrille Flament en Vasiliki Tsagkari
22.25 3e groep bezoekers mag garage in
22.35 Toneelgroep Maastricht
22.45 Berto Aussems en Kaspar Konigs
22.55 Rod Summers
23.10 Sofia Mavagrani
23.25 Kate Donovan en Ryan Hardman
23.40 4e groep bezoekers mag garage in
23.40 Guerilla Pulse Attack
23.50 Toneelgroep Maastricht
24.00 Bunny Terrorista
00.10 Kate Donovan en Ryan Hardman

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