music for ceiling fan and tubes  
with Lysandre Coutu-Sauvé

installation and performance

The installation "takemeto" is played by plugging and pulling the plugs. Then sound layer by sound layer is added trough the use of microphones amplifying the sound of the installation trough a sound system. Chinese megaphones with loop function are used to record the sound and are placed at certain positions in the room where they repeat their distorted recording. Mass produced education records are played to finally reach the culmination of the more and more noisy getting sound scape until layer by layer is slowly built back.

 into fragments
installation and performance
paper, ventilator


With a closer look the massive sculptures revealed, that they where made of loose layered sheets of paper, not solid wood or gypsum as one might have suspected. Once the ventilator was switched on the sculptures slowly resolved into many single sheets which scattered in the room.

variable sound-performance

“spooning.melange” is an experimental performance setup combing two essential human social activities: eating and making music.

Spoons, dishes, glasses and bodies of the participants are wired and connected through a micro controller with a computer, running a special designed sound controlling program in Max/Msp.

Each participants can trigger and modulate an individual sound through his eating process. Focusing on the eating part, the acoustic part or both leads to different outcomes of this abstract interactive performance.
The technical setup is a flexible tool and was used for a theatrical performance to playback and reverse text phrases within a fixed dramaturgy. “spooning.melange” will be continuously developed and altered for new projects.

spoon |spoōn|
1 an implement consisting of a small, shallow oval or round bowl on a long handle, used for eating, stirring, and serving food.
• the contents of such an implement : three spoons of sugar.
• ( spoons) a pair of spoons held in the hand and beaten together rhythmically as a percussion instrument.
2 a thing resembling a spoon in shape, in particular
• (also spoon bait) a fishing lure designed to wobble when pulled through the water.
• an oar with a broad curved blade.
• dated Golf a club with a slightly concave wooden head.
1 [ trans. ] convey (food) somewhere by using a spoon : Rosie spooned sugar into her mug.
• hit (a ball) up into the air with a soft or weak stroke : he spooned his shot high over the bar.
2 [ intrans. ] informal dated (of two people) behave in an amorous way; kiss and cuddle : I saw them spooning on the beach.
• (of two people) lie close together sideways and front to back with bent knees, so as to fit together like spoons.
spooner noun (in sense 2 of the verb) .
spoonful |-ˌfoŏl| noun ( pl. -fuls |-ˌfoŏlz|).
ORIGIN Old English spōn [chip of wood,] of Germanic origin; related to German Span ‘shaving.’ Sense 1 is of Scandinavian origin. The verb dates from the early 18th century.
from apple dictionary