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sound installation

Château Poulet                                                                  
sound installation/musical architecture
colaboration with Andrew Schrock for Dithyrambalina of New Orleans Airlift
metal, wood, motor, fans, belts,pulleys, whirly tubes,

new orleans airlift

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article in The Washington Post

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sound installation
tape decks, tape loops, voice recordings, microcontroller, speaker
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Buntwäsche kurz
sound installation
ca. 1h 35min
washing machine, buckets, barrels, wood, lamps, bubble machine, tubes, cables,
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sound installation and performance 
wood, ventilators, tubes

Takemeto was developed for the exhibition project “Shanzhai - Researching the Culture of Copying” and uses replicas of common objects from the student studios of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (China)

The ventilators hang in a construction of school seats and beams. Waste water hoses are attached to the ventilators, emitting a softly whispering sound that spreads into the room. Slight variations of this sound arise by overlaying the individual sounds, the position of the constructions and the resonance of the room. Now and then a creaking sound or rhythmic squeaking added when the beams, loosely laid over each other, begin to rock and sway.

 balloon treatment
sound installation 
Wilm Thoben and Klaas Hübner
balloons, helium, wire, piezos, amplifieres, mixer, pc, supercollider

Balloon Treatment is an interactive sound installation using balloons filled with helium as floating, resonating bodies. At any time the installation creates various sound scapes through the playback of recorded sounds and spontaneous feedback. By moving the balloons, feedback can be created between the microphone- and the speaker balloons. The feedback is then processed and broadcast through the installation, which can once again create feedback. The installation uses an eight channel speaker arrangement and three microphones to create a self evolving feedback system. Through the attachment of piezos, the long zeppelin-like balloons serve as microphones and the round ones as speakers. The acoustic arrangement can be varied by shifting the balloons to different positions. The audio input and output signals are controlled and processed by various algorithms implemented in SuperCollider, an audio programming environment, which can record modify and play back the sound of the installation and automatically ducks occurring feedback. Furthermore an approx. 15 minute long composition is playing in the background which consists of just impulses, sines and noise. The audience can play with and contribute to this composition through the above described possibilities of interaction. Balloon Treatment evolves an unpredictable and organic sound scape.