10 x 10 > 11 at Zeitgeist New Orleans

Zeitgeist Gallerie / New Orleans

October 8. - 17.

Internationally renowned Swiss artists and musicians Simon Berz and Kaspar Koenig along with filmmaker Michelle Ettlin and Artist Klaas Hübner will have a 10 day/night residency at Zeitgeist. Each day they will search the streets for trash accompanied by area musicians. They will bring it back to Zeitgeist and build instruments from that trash. Each evening they will perform a concert from 10:00 – 11:00 p.m. with the new instruments, inviting local musicians to join them. Their aim is to concept, construct, practice and concert everyday a new instrument is based on their joy with the circuits and the musicality within and beyond them. The audience is invited to bring their mal-functioning electro-waste to the gallery and bend the circuits themselves. The entire residency will be filmed for a feature-length documentary. They have done this project in Berlin, Zurich and now New Orleans.

Friday 10.08. Bruce Golden

Saturday 10.09. Rob Cambre

Sunday 10.10. Helen Gillet

Monday 10.11. Dave Easley

Tuesday 10.12. Aurora Nealand

Wednesday 10.13. Jeff Albert

Thursday 10.14. James Singleton

Friday 10.15. Donald Miller

Saturday 10.16. to be announced

Sunday 10.17. to be announced

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