digital_ia 09


Circuit Bending Workshop with Andrea Lange, Michał Dudek and Klaas Hübner at Digitalia_09 at Szczecin (Poland) from 23. – 26.11 at Galeria Muz13.

All three of us involve circuit bending in our installations, performances or musical creations. From manipulating radios and radioclocks over LCD display hacks for video installations to oscillator circuits and bending of keyboards, toys and effect pedeals.

for more info (in polish) and registration for the workshop please go here

first results of the workshop:

experimental walkman by Patrycja Makarewicz
radiohack by horacy


% vol

The exhibit entitled % vol. features works of painting, sculpture, photography, video and performance art, and proposes an experimental analysis of the parallel tracks that connect art with drinking. The thread running through the exhibit is the concept of “ next-to-last “ which, in the practice of both pursuits, allows to devote oneself fully to working towards an end, while stopping one step short of complete and utter self-destruction. What must be avoided above all is the last round, getting to the end : the final finish which would curtail any continuation
of the activity, whether that activity is drinking or making art.
Deleuze introduces the concept of next-to-last in relation to the drinker’s urge towards self-destruction. The artist conceives of his art in a similar way, running the risk – if he succeeds in his ultimate intent – of killing what he has made : the fortunate artist is one who has never taken that step, who has never gone beyond that “ next-to-last ”. Thus we must put off – as long as possible – that last round of drinks, as Debord would have it, like on those lovely long evenings when talk abounds and the spark of inebriation feels like it could keep you awake forever, urging you one step closer to solving the mystery, thus it is with art : striving to put off that next-to-last step on the path towards artistic closure.

with the works of

Benjamin Altermatt | Chile | lives and works in Bologna, Italy |

Ulrike Bernard |
Italy | lives and works in Berlin

Enrico Centonze | Germany | lives and work in Berlin | www.enrico111.com

Andrea Cometti | Switzerland | lives and works in Campora | www.andreacometti.com

Andreas Fischbach | Switzerland | lives and works in Berlin | www.fischbach-1.ch

Vladimir Isailovic | Serbia | lives and works in Berlin

Klaas Hübner | Germany | lives and works in Berlin

Daniel Kemeny | Italy | lives and works in Athens and Berlin | www.danielkemeny.com

Hektor Mamet | Switzerland | lives and works in Berlin | www.nettiehorn.com

Giulia Manfredi | Italy | lives and works in Berlin

Silvia Sardellaro | Italy | lives and works in Berlin

Frediano Bortolotti (Texts) | Italy | lives as a writer in Berlin

Micol Favini (Graphic design) | Switzerland | lives and works in Berlin | www.micol.ch

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