"Because art is made of the same material as the social exchanges, it
has a special place in the collective production process. A work of
art has a quality that sets it apart from other things produced by
human activities. This quality is its (relative) social transparency.
If a work of art is successful, it will invariably set its sights
beyond its mere presence in space: it will be open to dialogue,
discussion, and that form of inter-human negotiation that Marcel
Duchamp called 'the coefficient of art,'…The work of art actually
shows (or suggests) not only its manufacturing and production process, its position within the set of exchanges, and the place, or function, it allocates to the beholder, but also the creative behaviour of the artist…So every canvas produced by Jackson Pollock so closely links the flow of paint to an artist's behaviour, that the latter seems to
be the images of the former."
(Nicolas Bourriaud)

is a groupshow of Julia Calver, Alexander Chinneck, Richard Cramp, Klaas Hübner, Jack Killick, Annie Lord, Matthew Miller, Candida Powell-Williams, Helen Turner, Jack Strange, Clare Wallis.

15th - 21st October
Ada Street Gallery
2a Ada Street
E8 4QU London

private view
18th October
6-8 pm