Waiting in the wings

Performance & exhibition with the title "Waiting
in the Wings" (means the moments before you perform),
will take place in Maastricht from the 15th to the 17th of september.

The exhibition will have three parts:
The performance park an Installation build up from the settings and
scenes. Visitors can go inside the installation. Performance acts will
happen inside and bring it to live. The experience of the visitors will
be the main aim.
There will be a main show every evening. Open to concerts, sight shows
singers & songwriters and so on.
Besides that, there will be exhibition space for artworks and
(video)documentations of the artists that are involved.

Berlin Lodz Express

Students of the Lodz Academy of Art and of the School of Art and Design Berlin Weissensee have jointly initiated LODZ-BERLIN EXPRESS, a project that aims to provide an international forum for discussion where artists from different cultures can exchange ideas and share experiences. The project shall enable and support cooperation between artists and the discourse about different artistic views, and enhance mutual understanding.
We want to start a long-term cooperation between the two cities and give young artists the opportunity to participate in international events.
We are looking for creative people who want to cooperate with us in different projects and to take part in our own exhibitions and workshops and to put in their own ideas.
The first collaboration projekt is the Berlin-Lodz-Express which will take of on the 5th of September for a ride trough Lodz and with a expo on board. This will be followed by a show on the 8th in "the Museeum of Books" in Lodz.




Harvest is a changing video and sound installation created for "kleine Raumverschiebung". Mechanical rhythmic sounds layered independently from the visual collage of the moving machine imagery. This video is just a short outtake.


kleine Raumverschiebung

"Kleine Raumverschiebung" (little space shift) is inviting to visit the five story building and take part and shift the spaces together with 20 Artist from different nations. The aim is to transform the whole house into something else and make every level a "Bojekt".

4. floor: parks and stories
3. floor: sound
2. floor: decision run and the brake trough a wall with a Picasso guitar
1. floor : cullet and action
basement: vivification of mummies

one big brake trough
and a big marble course is connecting all the levels!!

participants: Anton und Jakob Theileis, Andreas Weissenbrunner, Konrad Fitz, Julian Graf, Biko, Xenia, Phillipp Schrader, Robert Förster, Kai Selbar, Florian Baumgartner, Johanna Jaeger, David, Daniel Chluba, Anne Witt, Emanuel Jesse, Albert Moravecz, Klaas Hübner and some more

11-15 August
saturday vernissage 5 pm
sunday 4 to 9 pm
monday/tuesday 3 to 7 pm
wednesday finisage 5 pm
Liebenwalderstrasse 16

Freie Klasse