Opening at Ackerstr. 18

"Tonangeben" in the Gallery "Ackerstrasse 18" shows the interaction of the visual and the acoustic in their next exhibition. Eight artists are presenting installations, drawings, machines and video with different approaches to music. Like allways the opening will be on the 18th (Wed) at 6 pm and will be opened by a harp performance of Julia Becker who interprets drawings of Damien de La Faye. mikhail a crest brought the "Bragafon". An organ powered by fermentation. Paul Darius is mixing classical music with pop graphics , Jana Debrodt made an installation for the plants. Klaas Hübner made unusual electronic instrument. Sophia Pompéry sings about space orientated axes and Mikolaj Polinski created a three-dimensional musical structure.
Hope to see you there, at Ackerstrasse 18 in Berlin Mitte.