After five days inside the intestine of different electronic devices we finally put the soldering irons by side and made a concert . If you make it to the end of the video, the fact that you did it, will be a proof for your mental strength and your deepest interest in musical masterpieces of the presence.
Formats available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4)

"Automatisch" Gallerie 18

The Sculpture Department of the KHB opened a galerie at Ackerstrasse 18. Openings are always on the 18th at 6 p.m. (bzw.18 Uhr). The space is just in the backyard a small stair up on the right hand side. This time the topic is "automatisch". A lot of small machines are turning, vibrating and pumping and turn this little room into a dream world of weird gadgets.
Jan Vormann and Irene Pätzung curated this show and are also presented by their work. Regular opening times are Thursdays and Fridays between 4 and 8p.m.

Sorry for delaying the video uploads. Got some struggle with my connection.


hack in action

So here here is a little video to give an impression how this hack works. Well to be called musician i need some practice i guess. But i will work on that, promised!


sound play station

This are some pc speakers hacked in a way that you can use them as a sound play station.
I just opened the amplifier, found out different connections on the circuit board which sound nice and marked them. Then I soldered cables on the spots and connected them to the unused circuit board I got from a friend. So you can use your fingers to build the bridge in the electric circle.When you touch the right points you can just play the control panel like a keyboard and also bend the sound the way you press it.
In addition I put the volume and the bass potentiometer each on one panel.
When you play both panels a the same time the sounds influence each other which gives you even more possibilities to play with.
ehhh??? sounds tooooo weird to you!? Don't worry I will add a video later on, so you can see how it works,


Berlin Funeral

On my way to school I found this guy looking at a digger moving the left parts of a industrial building. It looked quiet strange. He was dressed black with a big Berlin print on his back. In his hand a cheap shoping bag. Black too. It seems he was remembering something.
Formats available: MPEG4 Video (.mp4)


some pics from the workshop

To see some more pics of the workshop Beep-Piep-Knarz just click here

Beep-Piep-Knarz Concert at KHB and UDK

On Friday the 16th we gonna open a Party of the class of Mrs Möbus at "Universität der Künste"
The concert of the self made hardware hacked and circuit bended devices will be at 7 p.m. in room 77. So be prepared for some experimental sounds trying to touch music.
After that DJ Jones gonna appear and 3 United gonna perform "Alps Revolution"! Food and stuff will be provided by a special guest!
Before that we gonna play at 4 p.m. at the KHB as a final of our workshop.
Come, see and listen!!!!


Daniel Kemenys Fridge Installation at the ICE

It was a great evening with a lot of nice people and some cool fridge installations. For me the best part of the ICE (In case of Emergency) was the Installation of Daniel who set up a stereo in the fridge and played a record made of ice. No .... there were no tracks on it! But it was a nice noisy sound. In the other fridges we found a frozen bubble, a singing electric bird, peas and other stuff. For more photos of the event look here and for more videos go here and search matchees.



The KHB Weissensee and Interflugs are supporting a workshop with Kaspar König.
We gonna play around with electronic hardware and hack it. The aim is to build some fine working noisy gadgets. Kaspar will give us support from his five years experience of "circuit bending" and "sound design".

In Case of Emergency

In Case of Emergency(ICE) and Global Warming our Ice Sculptures gonna be save in the freezer. 10 Artist of the Berlin School of Art Weissensee are inviting to a journey through Berlin. They gonna be at a different house, at a different freezers every half an hour to look at frozen water. Wodka will be served for everybody. At least a bottle every station. I hope we come home save!


mobile drum set

This mobile drum set I did a while ago for Andreas and Peter. They wanted to perform on the streets of Berlin and wanted to be very fast.
To carry around a drum set and build it up on the street is not quit comfortable to do, especially not several times a day. So we had to get a practical conclusion. We sat together and developed this mobile drum set out of some old parts of a drum kit and a hand truck we bought for 50 Euro in a shop. You can take it into the subway and then onto the streets and back and forth. Street music with a drum set is quiet rare in town. This drum set could change that! All you need is a old drumkit with some hardware and a handtruck ans some place were you can weld.

Just lift it up and move! The only thing you need is something to sit on.

I cut some part of the frame out and bend a new metal tube so that it fits around the base. The base is fixed with two bolds. One on the bottom and one on top.
On the other side I cut the frame and fixed the base drum like that.