some sound experiment with a tube, a selfmade bow, a microphone and some feedback.....
Formats available: MP3 Audio (.mp3)


Whale Watching

Some short clip I did during I was cutting the documentation for "die polyphrenie und ihr kind"


into thin air

It was just nice to have so many people around looking at that thing. "Earfood" was served for the sensitive once cause the fan was a bit noisy. And even some got loads of air and paper into their faces, but they didn't move! The most didnt recognize the paper at the first time and even when they did, they tought they were glued together. But they were just piled up sheets which made it possible to get the effect of a massive sculpture and then free that form through the process of blowing it apart . For me it was a liberating feeling to see them lifting up cause the sculptures were a hard piece of work in two meanings. At first in cause of the dust and smoke which were caused by the grinder I misused on the paper stacks. And secondly I didnt know clearly where i was going with that shapes. I wanted to work on the surface but i didn't wanted to do something figured. I wanted some kind of confusion but no total chaos. For me it was a question of order in general and a question of identity in perticular. Identity as an idea of a fixed box filled with a single self. I had the feeling to blow that apart to open it up and make it move into a lot of fragments.

Pictures by Kata Bürgerkrieg